Our Services



We work very hard at making every service accessible and meaningful across all ages and stages, with activities for young people alongside every service.  We have a pattern to our regular Sunday services; linking to which Sunday it is in the month.  Please check our calendar for the latest updates and for special services.

On the first Sunday of the month at 10 am, Stoneleigh and Ashow congregations unite for a service of Holy Communion and alternate the venue.

On the second Sunday of the month at 11 am, we create a special opportunity to be relevant to younger ages and families with activity, story and creativity integrated into the service.  This is a shorter service without communion, making it very easy to come to if you are new to church and gives us the chance to explore themes together.

On the third Sunday of the month at 11 am we share Fellowship Communion, which is a service of Holy Communion and sometimes includes a Baptism.  We serve refreshments after every service, but following this shorter service, we make sure there is more time to enjoy chatting and sharing together over coffee.

On the fourth Sunday of the month at 11 am we share Holy Communion in a Sung Eucharist.  This service is longer giving us more opportunity to hear from the Bible, include a Psalm and sing responses as part of the Communion prayers.

On the fifth Sundays of the month, which happen about four times a year, we share Holy Communion but use special simpler words to include all ages in the service.  We often hear from a guest speaker representing a charity which the PCC has agreed to support with gifts from our regular offertory.


From September 2018 the midweek service will  be held on the second Wednesday at 10.30 am we will hold a contemplative communion in the chancel which lasts about half an hour.